Aluminium Alloy HE-30 Sheet

Dhanlaxmi Steel Distributors is an authorized supplier and producer of aluminum HE-30 sheet, with years of knowledge and experience. The product's capacity to bear enormous loads, high tensile strength, longevity, flexibility, low maintenance, and dimensional precision and sturdiness have won it a high reputation in the industry.

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Aluminum He30 is a medium-strength alloy that resists corrosion well. It is the strongest alloy in the 6000 family. Aluminum He30 | Aluminum 6082 is a structural alloy. The addition of a large amount of manganese within it controls the grain structure, resulting in a stronger alloy. Producing thin-walled, complex extrusion forms in aluminum HE-30 is tough. The extruded surface finish is not as smooth as that of other 6000 series alloys of comparable strength. It is difficult to produce thin-walled, convoluted expulsion forms in Aluminum He30.

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Aluminium HE-30 Sheet

Aluminium HE-30 Sheet

HE-30 Aluminum Sheets

HE-30 Aluminum Sheets

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6082 aluminum sheets are used in a variety of industries, most notably aerospace and military. 6082 aluminum plates are lightweight due to their physical qualities and are hence used in the aerospace and defense industries.

We complete quality testing under the supervision of professionals and experts as per national and international standards. The produced material is thoroughly inspected, which includes mechanical testing, tensile testing, chemical testing, spectro testing, positive material tests, and IGC testing. Other tests include destructive-nondestructive testing, micro-macro testing, flattening, and flaring testing. Special testing is also carried out based on the needs of the clients. The final inspection is performed visually by third parties to guarantee the product's quality.

With the assistance of our production skills, our organization tackles any production difficulty. Our machinists greatly benefit from their advice. We not only make and sell our products, but we also care for them after they are sold by providing our consumers with adequate maintenance services.

Aluminium Alloy HE-30 Sheet Equivalent Grades

Aluminium HE-30 A96082 3.32206

ASTM B209 Aluminium Alloy HE-30 Sheet Specification

Standards : ASTM B209 / ASME SB209

Temper : O, T3,T4, T6, T651

Thickness : 0.2-250

Width : 100-2600

Length : 500-10000

Surface : Bright, polished, hair line, brush, sand blast, embossed, etching, etc.

Finish :Mill, Customer specific finish

Aluminum Sheet/ Plate Coating : PVC Coated, Color Coated, Polyester, Fluorocarbon, polyurethane and epoxy coating

Type : Hot-Rolled (HR) / Cold-Rolled (CR) Sheet

Aluminium Alloy HE-30 Sheets Standard Specification

ASTM B209 - Standard Specification for Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Sheets

ASTM B632 / B632M - Standard Specification for Aluminum-Alloy Rolled Tread Sheets

ASTM B947 - Standard Practice for Hot Rolling Mill Solution Heat Treatment for Aluminum Alloy Sheets

ASTM B548 - Standard Test Method for Ultrasonic Inspection of Aluminum-Alloy Sheets for Pressure Vessels

AMS 4001 - Aluminum Sheet, 0.12Cu (1100-0), Annealed

AMS 4003 - Aluminum Alloy, Sheet, 0.12cu (1100-H14), Strain Hardened

Aluminum Alloy HE-30 Sheet Size Chart in MM

Size (in inches) Size (in mm)
.125 3.18
.134 3.40
.156 3.96
.187 4.75
.250 6.35
.312 7.92
.375 9.53
.500 12.7
.600 15.9
.750 19.1
.875 22.2
1 25.4
1.125 28.6
1.250 31.8
1.500 38.1
1.750 44.5
2 50.8
2.500 63.5
3 76.2

Aluminum Alloy HE-30 Sheet Size Chart in MM

Thickness Size Weight
Mm M Kg/
0.30 2.5 X 1.25 2.63
0.40 2.5 X 1.25 3.50
0.50 2.5 X 1.25 4.38
0.60 2.5 X 1.25 5.25
0.80 2.5 X 1.25 7.00
1.00 2.5 X 1.25 8.75
1.20 2.5 X 1.25 10.50
1.27 2.5 X 1.25 11.11
1.60 2.5 X 1.25 14.00
2.00 2.5 X 1.25 17.50
2.50 2.5 X 1.25 21.88
3.00 2.5 X 1.25 26.25
4.00 2.5 X 1.25 35.00
5.00 2.5 X 1.25 43.75
6.00 2.5 X 1.25 52.50
6.35 2.5 X 1.25 55.56
Thickness Size Weight
In Ft Lbs/
0.012 12 X 4 8.38
0.016 12 X 4 11.19
0.018 12 X 4 12.57
0.020 12 X 4 13.96
0.025 12 X 4 17.45
0.032 12 X 4 22.34
0.040 12 X 4 27.92
0.050 12 X 4 34.91
0.063 12 X 4 43.98
0.070 12 X 4 48.87
0.080 12 X 4 55.85
0.090 12 X 4 62.83
0.100 12 X 4 69.81
0.125 12 X 4 87.26
0.188 12 X 4 131.25
0.250 12 X 4 174.53

HE-30 Aluminum Alloy Sheet Chemical Composition

Weight% Al Si Fe Cu Mn Cr Mg Zn Ti Other Each Others Total
Aluminium HE-30 Bal 0.7 - 1.3 0.50 max 0.10 max 0.40-1.00 0.25 max 0.06-1.20 0.20 max 0.10 max 0.05 max 0.15 max

ASTM B209 Aluminium Alloy HE-30 Sheet Mechanical Properties

Diameter or minor sectional dimension mm Tensile Strength, MPa Yield Strength 0.2%, MPa  Elongation %
0-20 295 255 8
20-150 310 270 8
150-200 280 240 5

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