Aluminium Wire

Dhanlaxmi Steel and Distributor is an authorized supplier and manufacturer of aluminum wire . With extensive knowledge and experience in this field.
The main alloying ingredient, magnesium, is added to the alloy 5056 to boost its initial tensile strength. Heat-treatable alloy Alloy 6061 is offered in annealed or strain-hardened tempers.

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When conductivity requirements are high, supports are close together, and spacing is limited, aluminum cables are typically employed in urban settings. Aluminum wire is constructed from different strands of aluminum wire that are organized according to their intended use. Aluminum cables with flexible/stranded conductors are created with the strictest quality control to guarantee complete safety, eliminate shock dangers, reduce the likelihood of fires, and fully provide a perfect system. Due to their high degree of corrosion resistance and employment as overhead conductors for distribution lines, aluminum cables are widely used in coastal locations.

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Aluminium Wire

Aluminium Wire

Aluminium Wire

Aluminium Wire

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To produce aluminum wires of the highest caliber, we are working with a team of skilled and qualified engineers. These wires are created with the highest grade raw materials, which are obtained from the most prestigious vendors in the market, and are the strongest available. By making the aluminum metal more ductile, we can create wires out of it. These have a great deal of capacity to support huge loads. Our team created these by considering their ability to withstand high voltages. These are covered with the highest quality material, shielding the wire from moisture and other atmospheric contaminants.
In addition, we deliver goods to customers all over the world within a week of their orders due to our efficient and secure logistic services. You can speak with our service team if you need assistance picking bars. Our personnel can help you only if you explain the application criteria to them.

Aluminium Wire Specification

Standards : ASTM B221, B211

Temper : H14

Diameter : 5.5 - 400 mm

Length : 10 - 10000 mtr

Form : Shaped, Flat, Square, Round, Fine Wire, Plated and Un-plated Wire, Continuous Coils, Cut to lengths, Precision cutting Etc

Treatment : Cold Forming, Heat Treatment, Stress Relieving and Welding

Aluminium Alloy Wire Standard Specification

ASTM B211/ASME SB211 - Specification for Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Rolled or Cold Finished Wire

ASTM B221/ASME SB221 - Specification for Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Extruded Wires

ASTM B565/ASME SB565 - Test Method for Shear Testing of Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Rivets and Cold-Heading Wires

ASTM B316/ASME SB316 - Standard Specification for Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Rivet and Cold-Heading Wires

AMS 4102/ISO Al99.0Cu - Standard Specification for Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Cold / Hot Rolled Wires

Aluminium Wire Physical Properties

Physical Property Value
Density 2.82 g/cm³
Melting Point 535 °C
Modulus of Elasticity 71 GPa
Electrical Resistivity 0.045 x10^-6 Ω .m
Thermal Conductivity 138 W/m.K
Thermal Expansion 23 x10^-6 /K


Standard Specification of Aluminium Wire

Specification Alloy Temper Company
EN 2089/2395 2017 T6(T62)/T4(T42)  
EN 2087/2088 2017 clad T6(T62)/T4(T42)  
AIR 9048.010/.030/ 2017 F(T42)/F(T62)/T4/  
.020/.040/.050 2017 T6/T451  
AIR 9048.060/.080/.070/.090 2017 clad F(T42)/F(T62)/T4/T6  
W.-Nr. 3.1254 2017 T4, T6  
W.-Nr. 3.1354 2024 O(T42), T3  
United Kingdom
BS L156/157/158*/159* 2017    
158*/159* 2017 clad (T42)(T62) BAE Systems
BS L163/164/165 2017 clad T3/F(T42), T4/T6  
BS L166*/167* 2017 clad F(T42), T4/T6  
AMS QQ-A-250/3 2017 clad O, T4, T6  

Weight Chart of Aluminium Wire

Product Diameter Weight
Aluminium Wire 6 mm 0,076 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 7 mm 0,104 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 8 mm 0,136 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 9 mm 0,172 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 9,5 mm 0,191 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 10 mm 0,212 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 11 mm 0,257 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 12 mm 0,305 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 12,5 mm 0,331 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 13 mm 0,358 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 14 mm 0,416 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 16 mm 0,543 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 16,5 mm 0,577 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 18 mm 0,687 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 19 mm 0,766 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 20 mm 0,848 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 22 mm 1,026 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 25 mm 1,325 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 28 mm 1,663 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 30 mm 1,909 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 31 mm 2,038 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 32 mm 2,171 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 35 mm 2,598 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 38 mm 3,062 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 40 mm 3,393 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 45 mm 4,294 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 50 mm 5,301 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 55 mm 6,415 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 60 mm 7,634 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 65 mm 8,959 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 70 mm 10,391 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 75 mm 11,928 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 80 mm 13,572 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 90 mm 17,177 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 100 mm 21,206 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 105 mm 23,379 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 110 mm 25,659 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 120 mm 30,536 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 127 mm 34,203 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 130 mm 35,838 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 140 mm 41,563 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 150 mm 47,713 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 180 mm 68,707 Kg/m
Aluminium Wire 200 mm 84,823 Kg/m

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