Quality Policy

Dhanlaxmi Steels Distributors are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction by using quality processes undertaken to fulfil or exceed the requirements of various customers, taking into account the different national and international quality levels, achieved with the support of our team.

We are committed to the safety, compliance and consistency of our products and services. This requires all to be involved, to recognize their responsibility and to be encouraged to take measures to guarantee superior service.

We promote a quality-based approach to manufacture, develop and deliver zero-defect products and services that consumers around the globe trust and favour. We comply with relevant national and international quality specifications and regulations, as well as with internal requirements. In order to ensure product safety, prevent quality errors and eliminate defects, we are actively working to improve the quality management mechanism by reviewing quality objectives and performance in a timely manner. We promote the engagement and enhancement of quality responsibilities through guidance, training, education, supervision and effective communication among our team.
We at Dhanlaxmi Steels Distributors remain committed to and dedicated to the achievement of high-quality standards for our products and services by the introduction of quality management mechanisms that are monitored by third-party inspections.

Quality testing

Exporting Quality Worldwide